Sobriquet Hotels, Resorts & Palaces

Sobriquet Hotels, Resorts & Palaces

The Sobriquet ultra-luxury brand was conceived as an independent group of ultra-luxury Hotels, Resorts and Palaces rooted in Asian traditions of excellence.

žSobriquet  establishes the true meaning of luxury while combining this with today's conveniences of technology and the unique human touch in service of Sobriquet.

Madara Collection | Hotels & Resorts

Madara Hotels

Madara Hotels & Resorts are contemporary first-class hotels and resorts which are inspiring and indulging its guests with thoughtful, refreshing and stylish experiences, signature restaurants, bars and destination spas.

Piazzetto | Contemporary Economy

Piccolo | Contemporary Economy

Piccolo is our entry into the Contemporary Economy and Budget value for money sector through the creation of a unified accommodation approach for it's hotels and inns divided only by the on-site extra services provided.

We strongly believe that the words "value", "budget" and "economy" can go hand in hand with quality contemporary accommodations and do not have to equal cheap.