Piccolo | Small & Extraordinary

Piccolo | Small & Extraordinary

Piccolo | Small & Extraordinary | is our entry into the Economy market hotel segment, where value for money through the creation of a unified accommodation approach for it's hotels is only divided only by the on-site extra services provided.

We strongly believe that the words "value", "budget" and "economy" can go hand in hand with quality accommodations and do not have to equal cheap.

The Piccolo philosophy is built on the strong believe that a relaxed sleep is the key factor for a productive and enjoyable business or leisure trip.

Efficient and environmentally-friendly set-ups, extensive shower facility and especially for Piccolo designed sleeping systems which assure the relaxed sleep of all our guests are the trademarks of every Piccolo hotel.

Food & Beverage facilities as well as Recreation facilities elevate the standard Piccolo Hotel and are mainly used in locations where the property is not within a large food & beverage or touristic area.


Piccolo Hotels have and are been developed and managed by a HCA subsidiary.

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